Monday, July 1, 2013

Man Shoes (New short film!)

So, I know we've not uploaded anything new for a while now, excluding the Q&A talk show video featuring myself and Meredith.
Today, that changes!
After church, I rounded up my three youngest brothers and managed to persuade them to help out with this video. A big shout-out to my dad and other brother, Will, for lending their "man shoes" for this flick. It took a little coercing but finally they were willing to abandon their kicks and let the little guys clomp around in them.
 I had gotten the idea for this video a few weeks ago when I overheard Luke, age 6, asking Mom quizzically, "Mom, why does Will wear man shoes even though he's not a man?" (He was referring to Will's size 13 men's' sneakers.)
It was a cute quote and it stuck with me, demanding further attention.
And then a thought struck me the other night, on how to make a film out of the concept. What if I took a bunch of shots mimicking the stereotypical "tough guy" stride, with the boys wearing shoes much too big for them, and then use the video as a means to comically point out a basic truth concerning real manhood?
Okay, so maybe it's not a very deep video, and, with no dialogue or plot, it is rather shallow in some areas. But, like I said, it's meant to be simple and light hearted.
I personally like how the video quality turned out, and lemme tell ya...shooting in slow mo? It's a ball.
So anyways, I hope y'all enjoy! If you do, why not spread the love and share it with your friends or anybody else you think might like to watch it?
Have a blessed Monday!