The Crew

Leah Oxendine (age 18) is the creator, director and manager of Glory Film Productions. Typically, she can be found working the camera, giving orders, working on storyboards and scripts, or brainstorming with the rest of the crew. When the need arises, she acts in GFP films, and creates music scores for the videos. Besides cinematography, screenwriting and acting, Leah enjoys and pursues a myriad of other activities, hobbies, subjects and sports, some of which are writing, music, running, knives/weapons, dancing, apologetics, natural medicine and meteorology.
Visit Leah at her personal blog, or at her modest fashion blog, A Pinch of Classy.

Will Oxendine (age 14) contributes primarily as an actor. He has starred in over a dozen of GFP's short films, and has a knack for always being able to make people laugh. He sits in sometimes on movie meetings, but his main interest in GFP is acting. Will loves playing baseball. He also enjoys just about anything outdoors.
Visit Will at his Youtube lego animation channel

Adam Oxendine (age 9) acts in GFP films when the need for his abilities arises. Adam, like his older brother Will, also enjoys baseball and likes to even advise big sister Leah on how to pitch and catch right. He is a fast runner and an excellent tree climber. He just started learning piano and enjoys playing the instrument.
Andrew Oxendine (age 9) also acts in GFP films, when the need for his talent comes about. He usually enjoys acting, and is genuinely quite good at it for his age. He loves animals of all kinds and is usually the comedian-type of the Oxendine house. He loves to talk. He loves playing with his brothers and especially likes jumping on the trampoline.

Luke Oxendine (age 7) is the youngest member of the GFP team. He acts sometimes and has starred in a number of GFP films even at his young age. He has an infectious ability to make people smile. He loves to sing and can be commonly heard belting a stanza from a gospel song or hymn. He is also quite talkative and bold and loves to play in the sand pile.

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