Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet Rene Harper from "Fugitive"!

So today I have the pleasure of introducing to you another main character from the feature film we're currently working on, "Fugitive". 

As of right now, she is my allotted part and I will be playing her. Rene is kind of a crankpot for most of the beginning of the script. She is very argumentative and dominating if given the chance. Eventually she becomes the quasi-herbalist and 'food safety expert' of the group.

Here's what her description reads in the script right now.


Rene Harper - Oldest and only sister in the Harper family. Another natural born leader, even though she is not the firstborn. Dominant, realist, and a bit too bossy sometimes. A bit of a tomboy. Not typically afraid of what people think of her. However, because of her realist nature, can be pessimistic if she doesn’t stop herself from being that way. Struggling with trusting in God and trying to follow His will for her life. Also must learn a good bit of responsibility.  Age 16


So there you have most of Rene summed up. She has other sides, struggles, passions and such but you will have to see the film to find those out. :)

So what do you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the characters so far!

And there are more to come. *wink*
So keep your eyes peeled. We also should have a new short out by this Friday.


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