Monday, February 18, 2013

Stepping into the Roles of a GFP Crew Member: STEP 2

Welcome to the second section in my mini-series: Stepping into the Roles of a GFP Crew Member. In this series, I hope to open up a small window, letting you get a glimpse into what an amateur film maker's life is truly like. So, without further adieu,

STEP 2: Screenplays

Of course, most modern actors wouldn't have jobs if we had no scripts; thus comes step number two: screenplays. For RUMPELSTILTSKIN, I wrote, and did a form of the storyboard, but for most films I co-write and leave the blocking to others who are more skilled with cinematography. Writing is almost as difficult as brainstorming; in some ways it's harder. Scripting is pivotal not only for the purpose of the actors, but for the whole crew, it's the way we get our ideas organized and file them into an orderly document. We all have ideas that could potentially create the epic films of tomorrow, but the diamonds are hidden in the mines of our thoughts, writing them out into scripts or sketching them out into visual storyboards is the solution for figuring out what we truly want in the film.

However, breaking through those mines can often reveal things that you had never thought of before. Unlike the Brainstorming side of things, scripting isn't fully dependent on whims, but it still requires a mind that has an even mix of creativity and practicality.
Forever One of a Kind,
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